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Nursing in Asia and the Pacific Islands regions is a rapidly growing group of professionals and includes the fastest-growing minority group in America. Yet one of the greatest challenges is finding information about these groups in publications which examine their health, disparities, immigration and acculturation challenges, health education needs, policy implications, clinical practice, and responses to varied interventions in acute care and community settings. Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal assists researchers, educators, and practitioners in meeting these important challenges.

Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal: Official Journal of the Asian American / Pacific Islander Nurses Association is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, which covers all aspects of nursing and patient care practices in Asia and the Pacific Island regions. The journal includes research papers, empirical and theoretical articles, discussion pieces, editorials, abstracts of recent dissertations, and conference summaries that relate to API health and clinical care in disciplines, such as:

  • Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, Public Health, Education, Genetics, Pharmacology, Infectious Disease, Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Function and Disease, Dermatology, Wound Healing, Immunology, Anesthesiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Neonatology, Nephrology, Pathology, Physiology, Nutrition, Pain Management, Sleep Disturbances, Dental, and Mental Health.

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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4 (2021) Special Issue: Mental Health Issues Among Asian Pacific Islander Communities



Associations Between Food Insecurity and Depression among Diverse Asian Americans
Sonia Lai, Deborah Huang, Indraneil Bardhan, and Mijung Park


Changes in Body Weight and Serum Albumin Levels in Patients Requiring Home Long-term Oxygen Therapy
Naomi Kayauchi, Eiji Ojima, Katsunori Kagohashi, and Hiroaki Satoh


Chronic Pain and Mood Disorders in Asian Americans
Deborah L. Huang, Indraneil Bardhan, Joosun Shin, Jordan F. Karp, and Mijung Park


Feasibility of Using Mobile Technology to Improve Physical Activity Among People Living with Diabetes in Asia
Nada Lukkahatai, Pratum Soivong, Dongmei Li, Phakjira Jaiman, Supornphan Thamkaew, Duenapen Chaiwong, Nutchari Hiranlalit, and Jillian Inouye


Factors Associated with Attempt for Smoking Cessation among Hardcore Smokers in Taiwan
Hui-Wen Huang, Ya-Hui Yang, Wen-Wen Li, and Chih-Ling Huang



Jillian Inouye PhD