Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal

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Joseph Andrew T. Pepito


The Asia-Pacific healthcare industry is expected to grow at 11.1% in 2018. This has been considered one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The positive growth occurring in the Asia-Pacific region is due to the increasing adoption of technology. While it is understood that technology drives advances in nursing and the health sciences, would it be possible that nursing can or will also drive technological advancements in human caring? All too often, nurses are employed in health care as simply the end-users of technologies. It is the purpose of this paper to engage a discourse towards advancing nursing as driving technological improvements aimed for human caring. How can nursing facilitate this powerful dynamic, and what will it take for nursing as a discipline and a profession to occupy a primary role in this all too often unrecognized view, that nursing can and will drive technological advancements for human caring?

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