Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal

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Dr Umamaheswari Balakrishnan



Early initiation of Breastfeeding (EIBF) significantly decreases neonatal mortality and improves exclusive breastfeeding. The objective of the present study was to assess the effect of lactation Support Program (LSP) on early initiation of Breastfeeding (BF) among term well infants.


A ‘before -and – after’ design was used to study the effect of the LSP on EIBF at a tertiary care institute in India over a period of two and a half years. EIBF was defined as BF initiated(VD) and < 2 hours in cesarean section (CS). Impact of LSP was assessed by comparing baseline data (control group) with data after initiation of LSP (study group). Even after 1 year of initiation of LSP, EIBF in CS remained low, hence a hospital policy was implemented to alter a modifiable factor to promote EIBF in CS. Data of the Study group was analyzed over two time periods, as study group A (prior to implementation of hospital policy) and study group B (following the commencement of hospital policy).


A total of 2769 postnatal mothers were included for the study with 537 in the control group, 1157 in study group A and 1075 in study group B. In VD, EIBF rate increased significantly from 92.6% at baseline to 99.8% and 99.6%, in study group A and study group B, respectively (p value


Lactation support program is a simple but effective way of implementing appropriate steps towards promotion of exclusive BF.

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