Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal

Corresponding Author

Somsak Thojampa


The purpose of this descriptive research was to study the factors that influence the quality of life and longevity of the elderly in Thailand.

The sample was made up of 280 elderly people in Phrae province, Thailand. The research found that (1) the quality of life of the elderly in Phrae province was overall at a good level of 66.30%, (2) the factors that have significant influence on the quality of life of the elderly at the p value=0.01 are healing factors and exercise factors which are able to jointly predict the quality of life of the elderly in Phrae Province by 12.2% (R2=.122) and, (3) from the structured interviews of 10 elderly people aged 80 years and older, it was found that dietary, exercise, stress reduction, and healing are factors that allows the elderly to live for 80 years which is more than the average age of Thai people (the average age for men is 71.8 years old and for women is 78.6 years old).

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