Asian / Pacific Island Nursing Journal

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Aikaterini Frantzana



Introduction: Lifelong professional education is considered as a qualitative indicator in the health discipline, as it can improve health professionals’ knowledge and skills, as well as nursing care.

Purpose: The purpose of this original research was to delve into the attitudes and behavior of nurses working in state-run hospitals in the Municipality of Thessaloniki towards lifelong education through new technologies. The specific objectives are Finding and delving into nurses' motivations for lifelong distance education, Delving into nurses’ perception of the need for continuing nursing education and Discovering the act of nurses’ pursuing towards lifelong learning.

Methodology: The study was conducted between January and March 2019. The sample of the study consisted of 124 nurses (n = 124) from three state hospitals of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. A questionnaire consisting of 5 parts was used as a research tool. SPSS 23 statistical software platform was used for statistical analysis.

Results: The sample consisted of 124 participants. Of the participants, 12 were men and 112 were women. The mean age of the participants is 42.37 years and the mean experience in the field is 16.78 years.Two main reasons for continuing education were attributed to the upgrade of the nursing profession and the need to improve the quality of care provided.

Conclusions: Nurses believe that continuing education essential the fact that professional knowledge must be enriched and renewed.

Keywords: nurses' attitudes, lifelong learning, new technologies.

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