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It is widely known that the risk of lifestyle-related diseases can be reduced by reviewing lifestyles, and a variety of efforts for their prevention, such as health education, are being implemented. This study examined among the community residents’ lifestyle awareness, viewing on their health and lifestyles, age, and lifestyle-related diseases.


Study subjects were 180 healthy people (28 men and 152 women) who participated in a health checkup. Participants answered a questionnaire about regarding the subjects’ awareness as health and lifestyle and questions regarding their views of disorders, with subsequent measurements of speed of sound (SOS), acceleration plethysmography (APG) and visceral fat area (VFA).


The results of the present study suggest that the age of people is correlated with some health-related attitudes and behaviors. When health awareness among members of a group is high, it is necessary to provide them with the required information and continuing intervention to motivate them to continue their health improvement.


It is clear that health awareness influences the lifestyle, and its improvement slows the progress of lifestyle-related diseases and reduces the effects of aging.

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