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“Kai Hohonu”


The project objective is to capture, to preserve. The collection is entitled "Kai Hohonu" (ocean depth) and reflects a personal passion. Often, I am in the water at sunrise or sunset with aquatic-camera gear, waiting for the unique split second of time to capture the lighting, the movement, the colors, the depth, to preserve the majesty of Hawai'i. Hawaiian waters are always in motion and the light is ever changing. Some of the best shots are when you are literally in the wave and personally experience the colors, texture, and movement. No two moments are every the same. There is a continuous depth of beauty, mystery and power. As a local boy, surfing, paddling and sailing, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the waters of Hawai'i. It is a privilege to preserve and share these moments of natural beauty and to encourage us to malama ka`aina.