Article Title

Fading Away


This memoir examines the numerous ways an illness can affect an individual and their loved ones. In addition to its physical effects, an illness can also take an immense, emotional toll on the individual and heavily alter their relationships with those around them. While some may become overwhelmed with their loved one’s illness, family and friends who choose to adopt a caregiving role embark on an inspirational yet difficult journey themselves. Witnessing my grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease enabled me to realize an entire new aspect of illnesses, and my goal for this memoir was to embody this aspect. Although this piece was written about my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, its main message can be extended to anyone with any type of illness and anyone who has found themselves caregiving for another. This memoir holds a special place in my heart as my grandmother is someone I have adored and admired ever since I was a child. I hope this piece will reveal several of the physical and emotional effects that an illness can have on an individual and, furthermore, provide ways for the individual’s loved ones to manage caregiver’s stress.