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E Lele Ka ʻUhane


When we think deeply about where we have come from, what we have done, and where we are going, a lot of reflection is required. Remembering and reflecting are fundamental to growth and paving the way for future prosperity. There are so many pieces of one’s self that are easy to forget; culture and the environment may be two of those pieces for some of us. I have come to look at both of these in tandem: as one growing, breathing entity. I write poetry in response to the past, current status of, and future of my culture and the environment. As our care for Hawaiian land and resources declines, so does the prosperity of Hawaiian cultural practice. To prostitute the land is to prostitute the culture that nurtures it and we are left with a painful lack of authenticity and a dry, silent, and abused Earth. My poetry confronts the issue of separating culture and ʻāina while urging readers to ponder their hand in the current condition of Hawaiʻi. I approach the matters in a personal way and share my perspective in hopes that it will start a conversation and lead to action.