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Maybe a Walk Will Help


I investigate the way emotions shape perception through abstract art by bringing them out of the body and into paint. My canvases are life- size or larger to encapsulate the overwhelmingness of emotions. The size is also to allow marks to be intimate and the ability to manipulate my canvas with my whole body. Abstract work, personally, is the best way to express both scenes and emotions by allowing large color play and the freedom to create different scenarios or images based on the viewers’ perception. Using water and tar gel to get vastly different results that have similar transparent tendencies, I compare these to the different sexualities within the LGBTQ+ community. Paint handling allows for different characteristics to come from the color and I relate this to the inclusiveness that I want LGBTQ+ kids to feel. I create not only for myself, but for those young, queer, brown artists who want to create and have space for their art in the professional world and not have to fight for it.