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Akita-ken, Japan 秋田県

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8.5 x 11.0 cm


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Kaizawa, Stanley 1921-2007 (right); Calhoun, Alexander 1925- (left)


This photo is used on p.13 of James R. Brandon's article, Myth and Reality: A Story of Kabuki during American Censorship, 1945-1949. The article has a caption of this photo : Traveling teams from Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka PPB explained censorship procedures to local producers, troupe heads, and theatre owners in all of Japan's provinces. Lt. Alexander Calhoun (left) and Sgt. Stanley Y. Kaizawa (right) of Theatre Sub-Section, Tokyo, wait for a train in Akita prefecture, with their baggage and boxes of handouts in front of them, summer 1946.

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James R. Brandon


Kaizawa Interview 13 June 2000:
Here are some photos of Lt. (Alexander) Calhoun and me on a trip to Akita (See: SKalb2-142). From our khakis and open necked shirts, it seems like summer of 1946.


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)
Calhoun, Alexander 1925-
Kaizawa, Stanley 1921-2007

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Stanley Kaizawa Collection, UHM Library Asia Collection Department


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952); Calhoun, Alexander 1925-; Kaizawa, Stanley 1921-2007


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