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Ofuna, Tokyo, Japan 東京都大船

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16.5 x 12.0 cm


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From left: Muramatsu; Ernst, Earle 1911-1994; Palestin, Seymour 1914-1999; Mitani Sachiko; Kaizawa, Stanley 1921-2007; Nakata, James


Caption from ATJ article by Brandon: Staff of Theatre Sub-Section, CCD, Tokyo, visits Toho Film Studios, winter 1945-1946. From left: Toho Theatrical Corporation liaison with SCAP, Muramatsu, chief theatre censor Lt. Earle Ernst, theatre censor Lt. Seymour Palestin, Toho actress Mitani Sachiko, registrar Sgt. Stanley Y. Kaizawa, typist Sgt. James Nakata

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Brandon, James R.


This photo is used in the ATJ (Asian Theatre Journal) article by Brandon (P15, Figure6). There is also an explanation about the photo in the article. Brandon, James R. (2006). Myth and Reality: A Story of Kabuki during American Censorship, 1945-1949. Asian Theatre Journal, 23(1), 1-110.

Kaizawa interview 13 June 2000:
Here is a photo of us visiting Shôchiku’s Ofuna studios, probably March or April, 1946. It was just a trip for pleasure, not business (from L to R): Muramatsu, the Tôhô liaison, who loved American films and everything American; Earle; Palestin; a Shôchiku female staff and guide; Kaizawa; Nakata. Even when we were civilians we often wore a uniform with a special patch to indicate we were civilians.


Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007
Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Civil Censorship Detachment
Ernst, Earle, 1911-1994
Palestin, Seymour, 1914-1999
Mitani, Sachiko
Nakata, James
Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)

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Stanley Kaizawa Collection, UHM Library Asia Collection Department


Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007; Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Civil Censorship Detachment; Shochiku; Muramatsu; Ernst, Earle, 1911-1994; Palestin, Seymour, 1914-1999; Mitani, Sachiko; Nakata, James; Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)


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