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Tokyo, Japan

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謹啓 愈御淸榮奉慶賀候 陳者目下東京劇場上演中の歌舞伎狂言代表作『假名手本忠臣藏』の儀御蔭を以て多大の御好評を蒙り既に千秋樂までも満員の盛況に御座候段偏に各位の甚大なる御支持に依る處と關係者一同厚く御禮申上候と共に益々奮勵努力をつくし候覺悟に御座候 尚當興行出勤俳優は藝術院會員としての光榮を荷い候松本幸四郎、尾上菊五郎、中村吉右衞門を始め更に中村梅玉、坂東三津五郎、中村時藏等の大一座を以て適材を適所に配したる役割の顔合せは、今後再演の機會も容易なる間敷と存ぜられ候に付此際格別に右古典歌舞伎藝術御觀覽の一日を開催致し弘く日本藝術文化の一翼に寄與仕度念願に有之特に親しき御觀賞を賜り度候 御多用中恐入候へ共御尊來願はれ候はゞ有難き仕合せに奉存候、先當御招待御入場件劵相添へ御案内まで如斯に御座候  敬具 日時 十一月二十九日 午前十一時開場 午後四時三十分終演 會場 東京劇場 演目 假名手本忠臣藏    五段目 山崎街道出合より二つ玉の場    六段目 與市兵衞住居勘平切腹の場    七段目 祇園一力茶屋の場    九段目 山科閑居の場 松竹株式會社 出勤俳優 他關係者一同 追而當日は規定時間までに御入場奉希上候 尚お子様御同伴は堅く御斷り申上候 殿


According to P.119 "Haiyaku soran" 1999, Kiichi Komiya,『配役総覧』平成1年、小宮麒一, the actors mentioned in the invitation card played in Kanadehon Chushingura 仮名手本忠臣蔵 in Nov 1947.

Mention of this can be found in Kaizawa Interview 29 June 2000:
JB: This is an invitation from the Shochiku Kabushiki Kaisha, Kanadehon Chushingura and the date is the eleventh month, 29th day. 29th day? Was this a special performance? Why is the 29th day? It surely started from the beginning of the month.
SK: Hmm. This was an issued date.
JB: Was this a senshuraku 千秋楽? ….Where was the year. Strange. Might be on the other side? What? We need to look it up of this then. It’s a Nibusei (2部制), Right? 11 o’clock performance, before 4:30 performance.
SK: Hiruno-bu and yoruno-bu.
JB: There are only 4 acts. And a whole day. Usually they do the whole plays. Unless they are repeating it. That’s, There is no date, isn’t it interesting? Looks like a big cast…


Invitation card
Shochiku Kabushiki Kaisha
Kanadehon Chusingura
Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007
Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)

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Stanley Kaizawa Collection, UHM Library Asia Collection Department


Invitation card; Shochiku Kabushiki Kaisha; 松竹株式会社; Kanadehon Chusingura; 仮名手本忠臣蔵; Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007; Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)


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