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Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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8.0 x 10.5 cm


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Makino; Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007; Nakata, Takeo; Watanabe, Katsuo; Yoshida, Freddie (Kazuo); Asahina; Goldstein, Joseph, 1923-2000; Kawaguchi; Cameron, Kenneth; Takemoto, Satoru; Palestin, Seymour, 1914-1999


Left to R- Kneeling : Makino, Me, Nakata, Watanabe, Yoshida Standing : Asahina, Joe Goldstein, Miss Kawaguchi, Lt. Cameron, Takemoto, Lt. Palestin.

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Kaizawa, Stanley, 1921-2007


The captions are written both on the back of the photo and on the 2nd album sheet p. 4.

Kaizawa interview 13 June 2000: It is 1946 because it is the rooftop of Radio Tokyo, probably in the autumn: Top row (L to R): Asahina, 2nd Lt. Joseph Goldstein Signal Corps, Miss first name? Kawaguchi , 1st Lt. Kenneth Cameron Jr., Inf., Satoru Takemoto, 2nd Lt. Seymour J. Palestin MI. Kneeling (L to R): Makino, Stanley Kaizawa, Takeo Nakata, Katsuo Watanabe, and Kazuo Freddie Yoshida. I don’t remember Takemoto well; he left early. Makino was in movies. I, Nakata, Watanabe, and Yoshida were all in theatre. Is that right? Asahina was in movies. Kawaguchi was in charge of kamishibai a short time, then transferred out, and Ethel Uchida DAC, who later became my sister-in-law, replaced her as head of kamishibai.


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)
Radio Tokyo(ラジオ東京)
NHK 東京放送会館 (Hoso Kaikan)
Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Civil Censorship Detachment

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Stanley Kaizawa Collection, UHM Library Asia Collection Department


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952); Radio Tokyo(ラジオ東京); NHK東京放送会館 (Hoso Kaikan); Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Civil Censorship Detachment


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