Kaizawa 3-037: Image of a kabuki scene called Shibaraku 暫く"Little While," which features three prominent actors: Kichiemon Nakamura 中村吉右衛門, Koshiro Matsumoto 松本幸四郎, and Ennosuke Ichikawa 市川猿之助; Allied occupation of Japan, ca. 1945

On the sheet of the album's 23rd page, on the bottom right is an Oiri bukuro envelope. These envelopes, containing money, were given by the theatres (in this case Tokyo Gekijo) to the audience members when the theatre had a full house. This was thought to bring luck back to the production and company. There is no way to tell how much money Kaizawa received from the envelope.


On the sheet of the album's 23rd page, under the album space where the photo was placed. 「暫く」"Little while" 中村吉右衛門 (Nakamura, Kichiemon) 市川猿之助 (Ichikawa, Ennosuke) 松本幸四郎 (Matsumoto, Koshiro)