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Stanley Y. Kaizawa

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1-chome, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (1-chome, Tamuracho, Shiba, Tokyo) 港区新橋1丁目(芝田村町1丁目)

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8.5 x 6.0cm


b&w photo

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From right: Takayanagi, Emiko 高柳笑子; Endo, Ikuko 遠藤郁子; Uchida, Ethel


Kaizawa Interview March 14 2001:
Picture number 10: a group is standing on the roof of Kanto Haiden. Stanley points out his first wife, who also worked in the office with Stanley.

Kaizawa Interview November 2001:
The photos of Ethel & my wife in kimono was on the roof of Kantō Haiden.

Sign on the top of the building in back says "Mangetsujo no [Utagassenn]"(満月城の歌合戦), a popular musical play at that time.


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)
Kantō Haiden, 関東配電
Takayanagi, Emiko (高柳笑子)
Endo, Ikuko (遠藤郁子)
Uchida, Ethel

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Stanley Kaizawa Collection, UHM Library Asia Collection Department


Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952); Kantō Haiden, 関東配電; Takayanagi, Emiko; Endo, Ikuko; Uchida, Ethel


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