Introduction to the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Easter Island Research: Rapa Nui Rendezvous 1993

The third international conference on Easter Island research, the Rapa Nui Rendezvous, was held in Laramie, Wyoming, August 3-6, 1993. It was sponsored by the University of Wyoming, and was the first of the Easter Island conferences to be hosted in the United States. Sixty papers were presented by researchers from 18 countries. Over 250 participants attended the conference which was held in recognition of the contributions to Easter Island research made by the late William T. Mulloy, Wyoming anthropologist and his colleagues of the 1955-56 Norwegian Expedition. The honored members of the expedition team were: Thor Heyerdahl, Ph.D., expedition leader, Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo, Norway; Edwin Ferdon, Ph.D., University of Arizona; Gonzalo Figueroa G.-H., Siln Bernardo, Chile; William T. Mulloy, Ph.D. (deceased), University of Wyoming; Arne Skjolsvold, Ph.D., Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo; and Carlyle S. Smith, Ph.D., University of Kansas.