This issue contains:

Rock Art in the Marquesas Islands by Sidsel N. Millerstrom

Maria, Madre de Rapa Nui Revisited by Joan Seaver

Response to "The Ancient Solar Observatories of Rapa Nui" by Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Ph.D.

Rebuttal by William Liller, Ph.D.

Solar Observatory Response by Malcolm A. Clark, Ph.D.

Note on Butinov and Knorolov's Investigation by Sergij V. Rjabchikov

William Mulloy Memorial Research Library: Easter Island

The Contagion of Kung Fu from Robert Koll's 1976 notebooks

Research on Easter Island Obsidian Sourcing by William Ayers and Felicia Rounds Beardsley

Des Moai en Espagne! by Francois Dederen

Reunion para el diagnostico de la conservacion del patrimonio de la Isla de Pascua by Andrea Seelandfreund, Ph.D.

What's New in Hangaroa