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Different perspectives of Archaeology and prehistory in Polynesia are presented in this issue of Rapa Nui Journal. The paper by Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo provides insight into the use of modem technique - satellite image - for the detection of past settlement patterns on Rapa Nui. Another perspective is a structural analysis by Jennifer Kahn from within a Polynesian house. And, finishing up his Marque an paper, David Addison provides a perspective based on ethno-historical observations. The report on the 'a po project, by Susannah Rutherford and Brett Shepard on, is one that involves young Rapanui in a study of lichen growth, and it also provides some interesting background on lichen studies on Rapa Nui in Susannah's interview with Gerhard Follmann, who conducted initial studies on this subject. In her article, Petra Campbell makes a compelling ca e for sustainable development on our favorite island.